Letter To The Editor: Sara Scott Well-qualified, Dedicated, Believes In This Community And Its Citizens

Los Alamos

Sara Scott is an excellent choice for Los Alamos County Council. She is keenly intelligent and remarkably capable while at the same time being approachable, down-to-earth, and very “user-friendly”.

These attributes have been demonstrated in her successful career at LANL and everything else she does from contract work, to home and service projects, to her current candidacy. Sara doesn’t do things halfway; when she takes on a project, she does thorough – but not belabored – analysis and planning, proceeds adeptly through implementation, and directs and controls appropriately through completion. Not only has she been responsible for large programs and budgets in her career, she gets things done at the grass roots level, too.

Sara is a people person. She interacts well with people and brings out the best in them. Sara can work successfully with everyone from top level managers of government agencies to friends planning a shared vacation. I am in that latter category and am privileged to have been a close friend for 23 years. I can attest to her listening and communication skills both personally (Thank you, Sara!) and from watching her attentive and thoughtful interactions with Los Alamos citizens coming from various backgrounds and viewpoints. Sara is interested in all of us.

Sara is well-qualified, dedicated, and believes in our community and its citizens. She exemplifies integrity and honesty in everything she does. Los Alamos could not ask for a better County Councilor than Sara Scott. Please give her your vote – I certainly did!

Letter To The Editor: Support Sara Scott For Council

on April 13, 2018 – 9:37am


Los Alamos
I am writing to express my support for Sara Scott’s candidacy for LA County Council.
I had the privilege of working with Sara at Los Alamos National Laboratory when she was in a leadership role, and I can attest to her effectiveness as a leader and a strategist. She has an ability to analyze multiple sides of an issue and formulate a proactive plan for reaching a productive, beneficial outcome.  Sara knows how to listen and when to adjust. She has tremendous integrity, a great work ethic, and superb dedication to task.  LA County and its citizens would be well served by having Sara on the Council. I am pleased to share this expression of support and look forward to voting for Sara in the upcoming primary.

Letter To The Editor: Sara Scott Is An Excellent Choice For Los Alamos County Council

on April 23, 2018 – 8:19am


Los Alamos

I believe Sara Scott would be an excellent member of the County Council. She has worked over 23 years (1989 – 2013) at LANL in a variety of scientific and leadership positions.

I first met Sara when she became Program Manager for Nonproliferation and Arms Control that’s responsible for programs in nuclear safeguards and nonproliferation, where I worked. My son, also a chemist, worked with Sara at DP-Site when she first joined the Lab.
Sara’s been active in community work including sewing and baking for dance recitals, serving as Girl Scout treasurer, chaperoning school trips, and providing housing for LANL summer students.
She developed and shepherded a legal package to obtain nonprofit (501(c)(3)) status for the High School Choir Boosters; this provides additional skills useful for a County Councillor.
Sara’s very pleasant, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. She’s worked regularly with government agencies that fund and oversee work at LANL (DOE, NNSA, NRC, NSF, DOS, DOD). This would be a benefit to Los Alamos County, especially given the upcoming contract changes.